Today Claire checked our formula and layplans, explained the order of work, and after draping the calico over the bupads on the stand, we started to cut out the petticoat pieces. The draping was done so that we could start to get a feel for it.

Layplan for a basic 18th Century petticoat (using my measurements)

The planning an 18th Century petticoat pattern page has more details about the measurements used, the formula and layplan.

Constructing the petticoat

Sewing order for petticoat:

  1. Seams
  2. Hems
  3. Tucks
  4. Frill

Cut out the fabric for main body of petticoat. Press cf and sides so that there would be a visual guide to the quarters.

Sew up cb to roughly where the placket would start.

Measure and mark out the lines for the five horizontal pin tucks and sewed them in to place.


  • prepare frills
  • sew joins
  • hems (do not gather).