I went to Goldhawk road to see if I could find some inspiring fabric for my design. I think I went to every fabric shop on Goldhawk Road and had a good look at the ones in Shepherd’s Bush Market too.

I got swatches from these (I will try and get round to taking photos soon):

Classic Textiles


  1. cotton stripe.
  2. plain silk £13
  3. silk stipe £5

Orya Textiles

  1. green and gold stripe £7.50
  2. Red Stripe £7.50

Fabric World

  1. Red Gold stripe silk £10 (45″)
  2. Orange/red/gold stripe £15 (60″)

(Fabric world tried to charge me for very small cut offs of fabric)

The main problem was that they stripes are all quite narrow. The orange/red/gold stripe was lovely, but too expensive for the project.

I was trying to keep an open mind, but there was a lot of polyester fabrics and not really any traditional prints. Not surprising really as they mostly cater for modern dressmaking. Maybe I am just not looking hard enough.

I am still on the hunt (mostly on ebay).