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Homework 29: Cockade experiment

Petersham from Ribbons2U on ebay

Petersham from Ribbons2U on ebay

One of the requirements for our costume is that it has red, white and blue. So far I am doing quite well with this as my corset is red and white, and my top fabrics is blue and white. However, ever since seeing rosettes and cockades I really wanted to use them to decorate my costume.

I was even more inspired when I saw these sites:

So I thought I would start to make one myself.  Using petersham or grossgrain seemed to be good to use and so I ordered a 25mm  mixed colour selection and 5 meters of red, white and blue from Ribbons2U on ebay (good service, arrived quickly).

Looking at the sites above, especially the American Duchess, I thought about using the pin method, but in the end I decided to just start pleating in a straight line, stab stitching through in a similar colour thread. I made sure there was enough fabric in the fold so that I would be able to curve around the centre when I had made enough pleats.

First attempt at making an outer tier of a cockade

First attempt at making an outer tier of a cockade - front

Close up of the pleats on the first tier of cockade

Close up of the pleats on the first tier of cockade

Back of tier showing the stitching

Back of tier showing the stitching

As it was my first attempt, I thought I would use a colour I was less likely to use, but the tier didn’t turn out too bad.  I didn’t measure the the intervals for the pleats, I think if I did it would make it look more regular. I would have to add another one or 2 tiers and maybe a button in the centre. Quite happy as a first effort.

Shopping: MacCulloch & Wallis Ltd

25-26 Dering Street, London W1S 1AT (google map)
020 7629 0311

Based off New Bond Street, this well established shop has been there for over 100 years. Although it is not known for it’s bargains, it is know for it’s range of fine fabrics and trimmings, and it’s haberdashery.

It is always worth a visit if you are in the area and in need of a bit of inspiration. It is also close to John Lewis on Oxford street and in close walking distance of Kleins Haberdashery, or the silk and other fabric shops on Berwick Street.

I went there after visiting John Lewis which was out of Petersham and India tape. MacCulloch & Wallis didn’t fail me.

Cotton and pertersham tapes

Two cotton tapes with Petersham tape in between

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